Sunday, December 30, 2012

Code Breakers!

While I'm loathe to idolize Stan Lee as do many, I have to give "The Man" full credit for the trio of Spider-Man comics which examined the drug problem. Stan famously bucked the infamous Comics Code Authority and published three Amazing Spider-Man comics sans the nigh ubiquitous Code seal. Here's the story about how these comic books came to be.

The cover art by Gil Kane is among his finest for the company in his long tenure there. The drama drips off the page as the officers at once tend to the man on the ground and still target Spidey who is relegated to the background of this scene. The color is key to the effectiveness of this one. This is a scene about the larger world, not just the soap operatic domain of Peter Parker and his gang. Spidey moved into some tougher streets in this one.

As it turns out John Romita is responsible for having designed this cover. Nonetheless I give Kane credit for using his keen understanding of anatomy to give the cover an emotional impact not quite detected in Romita's more idealistic sketch which harbors a glint of action to come, a more typical cover focus.

Whatever the case, this is a true classic comic book. One of the few that lives up to its reputation.

Rip Off

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  1. Romita
    Yeah, Stan Lee
    Never Cared For His Carnival Barker Style
    Guess I'm A DC Fan
    Gimme PULP HEROS
    That's Where It Starts and never ends


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