Thursday, November 8, 2012

Webheads Up!

This simply outstanding "Marvel Masterwork Pin-up" featuring Spidey and his smiling alter ego Peter Parker first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #20.

Steve Ditko

Note Pete's grin on and tousled hair.

The version of that classic pinup below reappeared  in Marvel Tales #30.

Marie Severin

Aside from a different color scheme, apparently Stan and the gang decided that Ditko's old rendition of Peter was no longer in keeping with the slicker, smoother, more idealistically handsome version of the character developed by John Romita. So they tapped "Jazzy" Johnny to create a new head, or more likely lifted one from another illustration.

Here's a closer look at no-neck Parker. His smile seems less genuine somehow.

Rip Off

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