Sunday, November 11, 2012

Under The Sign Of Ishtar!

Bajo el Signo de Ishtar ("Under the Sign of Ishtar"} is the Spanish title of my favorite 50's Universal sci-fi monster movie The Mole People. Here's a link to my review of this vintage monster epic. I'm of two minds on this. I like the title "Under the Sign of Ishtar", it sounds majestic and suggests a grandeur of sorts. But "The Mole People" while less descriptive of the focus of the whole movie has a pulpish punch lacking in the other. It's title you're not soon to forget.

 Here for comparison's sake is the artwork from the American release. This is a beautiful image in many ways, and frankly is more effective in the Spanish version.

Here's another poster featuring a somewhat different take on the actual Mole Creatures themselves.

It's a bit amateurish, looking more like the masks of the Mole Creatures you could buy from Captain Company more than the creatures of the movies themselves.

Rip Off

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