Friday, November 16, 2012

The World's First Super-Team!

What a delightful run this was. In many ways it was this short-lived series which drew me back into DC in the 90's. I'd been away for quite a while, since the Crisis when the original JSofA was cast into oblivion. If DC didn't have room for these  veteran heroes, then they didn't have room for me.

Len Strazewski and Mike Parobeck brought the team back to the modern world, investing it with the charm which has always been around successful Justice Society stories. Parobeck's light but strong style was ideal for this team and Mike Machlan's sturdy inking grounded it nicely. The story of older heroes trying to find a role in the world was compelling stuff, at least to this reader.

Rip Off


  1. I loved this series (and The Fly!) because of Parobeck's art. Of course, Liberty Belle never actually appeared as far as I recall. But given her chairmanship of the All Star Squadron, she was the ideal replacement for that confusing Black Canary.

    1. Parobeck was outstanding. He died much too young.

      Rip Off

  2. I loved this series! Mike Parabeck was an incredible artist. It wasn't until Bruce Tim's animated Batman hit the scene that Parabeck's work was really appreciated. His work on the Fly was top notch and a high point of my youth.

  3. This whole series was fun! I didn't even mind the guest-appearances of Guy Gardner and Superman! DC needs to get THIS book out in a Showcase! :)


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