Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Joe Tales!

I never saw this particular poster for Red Tails. It looked like a pretty good flick, but this poster would've driven me into the theater for sure. "Die You Nazi Dog!" That's the stuff!  I found this while doing Kubert research; apparently this is Joe's one and only movie poster. It's utterly fantastic!

And while I'm on all things Kubert, this is a volume I've had tucked away for several months. Dug Man of Rock - A Biography of Joe Kubert out, and have been giving it a good reading. I tend to read biographies like this out of order, first focusing on the years I'm most interested in and eventually getting around to the other stuff. This book reads pretty well that way, as Schelly has a very direct style.

First rate cover! Salute!

Rip Off

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