Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Gill Men!

Here are some very different versions of Universal's number one aquatic creeper, the infamous Gill Man from his trio of 50's horror flicks.  Vincent Di Fate's rendition above is haunting, his Gill Man less human and more ferocious.

Bill Everett's lush lines make this my favorite of these five images. The water here has the viscous oily quality which makes almost a thing alive like the voluptuous dame and the growling monster.

Dave Cockrum's version is traditional and imbued with the dainty charm which Cockrum was able to invest all his drawing.

Art Adams offers up a somewhat different rendition here, a Gill Man of Might, with some mighty thick muscles. Not so much a swimmer as a lifter.

And here is the classic Basil Gogos portrait of Universal's last classic monster. The colors in a Gogos piece are beyond vivid, they are lurid and seem somehow unseemly. It's a perfect choice for this subject matter, giving the monster a noxious feeling of menace.

Rip Off

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