Monday, March 5, 2012

Merchants Of Mongo!

I've owned the original Alex Raymond Flash Gordon adventures in the Nostalgia Ventures volumes for decades. The last time though that I read that material, the bindings were showing signs of wear as time was having its way with them. So to preserve them, I wanted to get another version of the story and so picked up the Checker Publishing reprints which I very recently found for very nice money. They are readable and handy.

But this weekend I saw the long-delayed IDW "Definitive" edition with the pages published in original format with the Jungle Jim topper sections intact. It's simply gorgeous, and while the volume is immense, still the notion of being able to read this definitive sci-fi epic in nearly its original form is overwhelming.

The book is beautiful! Apparently there are going to be three or four volumes for the original Alex Raymond material with the first available the second already up for pre-order on Amazon. Irresistible!

As it turns out apparently Titan Books is going to be offering up a version of the classic strip too later this summer. The plan is impressive too as they indicate they want to go beyond the Raymond stuff and offer up a complete reprinting of the series. Something to look forward to after the Raymond material has run its course.

So there is Mongo enough for everyone it seems.

Rip Off

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