Sunday, March 11, 2012

Jean (Moebius) Giraud RIP

Like many in the comics blogosphere let me take a moment to remember the late Jean Giraud, better known as "Moebius". It was under that name that I first encountered his work in the pages of Heavy Metal #3. Here's the story I read.

It's a quirky tale and charming, and that's what I thought of the work of Moebius. It was quirky and some times thought provoking, but never did it occur to me to think of him as a seminal creator on par with Will Eisner or Jack Kirby. I didn't see it then, and truth told I don't see it now. But I take the word of others who know more. I was blind that way about Carl Barks for many years too. Perhaps the scales will be lifted from my eyes on Moebius too. I hope so.

Whatever the case, he certainly doesn't need my praise to add to his admirers who are legion. Rest in peace Mr.Giraud and thanks for those quirky tales.

Here's a site with all the Heavy Metal Arzach stories. Interesting.

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