Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Case Of The Moonstone Anthology!

Sherlock Holmes - The Crossover Casebook from Moonstone Publishing is a new volume of Sherlockian short stories by a raft of fine talents, each taking the venerable sleuth into territories new to the famous London detective.

I love this kind of nonsense, blending literary and sometimes real characters to achieve an entertaining synthesis is always fun and when performed with even a hint of cleverness can be rather intriguing.

In these tales by the likes of Martin Powell, Will Murray, and the late Howard Hopkins (who also edited this book) we find the Baker Street denizen matching wits with LeBlanc's Lupin, Dent's Savage (of sorts), Doyle's Challenger, Futrelle's Thinking Machine, and real life folks like Houdini and Lawrence of Arabia.

The stories look to be light frothy entertainments, the perfect concoction for bedtime read. This one hits the nightstand for sure.

Rip Off

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