Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The "New" Captain Atom!

This gorgeous cover shows off Steve Ditko's watercolor conceptual artwork for the "new" Captain Atom costume which debuted in Captain Atom #84. I might be in a distinct minority on this, but this is my favorite Captain Atom look, distinctive, colorful and cheery!

His old gold costume was pretty dang good, but this one was better. And sadly nothing they've designed at DC (and there have been oodles) has surpassed either of these two originals.

Here's a link to the details about this 2002 CFA-APA (The Comic and Fantasy Art Amateur Press Association) issue. Here's a link to their blog, though it looks to have become inactive years ago.

Steve Ditko & Rocke Mastroserio

Rip Off

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  1. At the time,with his capt atoms new costume,the new blue beetle,the question and ditkos art,Charlton was on the brink of greatness,then they pulled the plug on their super hero line.


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