Sunday, August 7, 2011

The E-Man Reports Extra - Charlton Portfolio!

Don Newton & Bob Layton

When E-Man launched from Charlton it did not go unnoticed. Many in the fan community were eager to see Charlton try its hand at superheroes again. The last burst of activity in that area had been Dick Giordano's Action Hero line and many regard that as a highpoint for the company.

So in 1974 the Charlton Portfolio by the CPL Gang (Contemporary Pictorial Literature) paid tribute to the heroes of Charlton's past and pointed to the future as well. Not only was E-Man featured on the cover pencilled by Don Newton and inked by Bob Layton, but he got a few mentions and appearances inside. Here are those key pages.

In this article "The Nuclear Joyboys!" the two atomic heroes from Charlton are discussed. Captain Atom is remembered and lamented in the beginning and E-Man gets a boost in the final few paragraphs.

This bit of artwork by Joe Staton featuring E-Man improvising on the saxophone and Nova showing her special talents accompanied the article.

This page from the back of the Portfolio by George Wildman describes his philosophy and the future Charlton. E-Man is discussed and Staton supplies a great image of our hero for the piece.

It's really neat to see the enthusiasm that was being felt for Charlton's revival and E-Man in particular.

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