Saturday, August 13, 2011

E-Man Reports Extra - Charlton Bullseye #2

Underneath this fantastic E-Man cover by Joe Staton for Charlton Bullseye #2 which hit the stands between E-Man #9 and #10 comes the tragic announcement that the E-Man series will be cancelled with the tenth issue.

My dismay matches Bob Layton's in his editorial above.

Despite fantastic efforts on the part of Nick Cuti and Joe Staton, the series simply never got the sales numbers to justify its continued publication. In fact it seems that the series was allowed to run longer than economically justified out of loyalty to Nick's and Joe's efforts to make Charlton's most recent stab at the superhero genre work.

There are some rumors in these pages about what will follow E-Man. The Rog-2000 stories mentioned above have never to my knowledge appeared.

To read the complete number two issue of Charlton Bullseye follow this random link.

But while the regular series is cancelled, there is still some hope for E-Man fans in the pages of the Bullseye it seems. More on that later.

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