Sunday, August 28, 2011

Blue Beetle - The Lost Comic!

Blue Beetle was utterly transformed by Steve Ditko into a sleek modern hero who became, as all Ditko heroes do eventually if not initially, a vehicle for Ditko's distinctive politics.

The series ran five issues, with a sixth scheduled and advertised in the back the final December 1967 issue of Judomaster. The collapse of the "Action Hero" line stopped that though.

That sixth issue of Blue Beetle would have to wait several more years before finally seeing print, in the pages of 1974's double issue of CPL Gang's special edition Charlton Portfolio.

Here is that story in its entirety.

This story was reprinted in Action Heroes Archive Volume 2.

Ironically you can find Blue Beetle's very first appearances freshly posted at Mr.Door Tree's fantastic website Golden Age Comic Book Stories at this very link.

One final thing on this aborted project. All the other comics on that classic Charlton ad did get published.

Rocke Mastroserio

Jose Delbo

Rocke Mastroserio

Jack Keller

Ernesto R. Garcia

Rip Off

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  1. was there ever a Question story for this issue it was also advertised in Hercules number 2


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