Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Favorite Comic Book Cover Today #22 - New Gods!

I still remember seeing the cover of New Gods #1 on the stands. It rocked my world. But what I didn't learn until recently is that New Gods #1 was considered for inclusion in the long run of Showcase comics. Showcase was the debut book at DC at the time. Characters like Creeper, Anthro, Hawk and Dove, Bat Lash, and many others had first appeared in those pages. So it wasn't all the illogical for New Gods to be considered for this treatment. But then another plan was developed for whatever reason and I'm glad it did. The number of the Showcase issue on the mock-up above is #94 and the series ended with #93. New Gods #1 is one of the most awesome comics ever produced, that's all.

Rip Off

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