Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Second Best Of Alter-Ego!

I wanted a copy of The Best of Alter-Ego Volume 2 the moment I read about it, but alas never saw a copy. The other day I did and I snapped it up.

There are scuds of vintage articles by fans about comics from the heyday of fandom, but the reason I craved this volume was Sam Grainger. Grainger who did the wonderful cover image above, illustrated an adaptation of Gardner F. Fox's Warrior of Llarn as scripted by Roy Thomas.

I've seen one page of this great fan work years ago in one of Bill Schelly's collections, and immediately wanted to see more. The story was reprinted nearly a decade ago, but this is a much cleaner version.

Sam Grainger is one of the often overlooked talents of comics, a fan who broke into the pros doing reams of inks for Marvel, DC, and elsewhere. He penciled all too rarely, but I fell in love with his lively style on Charlton's The Sentinels, a back up feature in Thunderbolt.

 This is a very worthy follow up the first volume published originally by Hamster Press well over a decade ago.

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