Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dell's Other Frankenstein!

In this post I showcased the 1964 attempt by Dell Comics to represent the classic Frankenstein story. Two years later when the second issue of this series finally dropped, their interests were far from the original source material. Writer Don Segall and artist supreme Tony Tallarico gave Dell a superhero.

At this same moment in time Dell was trying to make superheroes out of Dracula...

and Werewolf. Dracula is weird and fun, and Werewolf tries to be a thriller, but it's Frankenstein that to my mind makes the lasting impression. Here's the wacked-out story from issue number two, the debut of Dell's green-faced "superhero" Frankenstein.

There were two more issues of Dell's Frankenstein before this random revision of Mary Shelley's creation was once again allowed to rest in peace.

Rip Off


  1. Seeing this satisfies an old curiosity that I had about these efforts. God, am I happy that I never bought this junk!

  2. I thought this stuff was fantastic, and I only hope I can find some copies for my own evil purposes! The more I see of Tallarico, the more I want to see. There is something about his bold, thick lines that really makes a page come alive. I love his stuff. Who could not love this story? This stuff is why I love comics! Great post!

  3. Somebody must have given Mykal an early
    Christmas present, but that weed was laced with some bad junk.