Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Witch Who Came From The Sea!

When I stumbled across the poster above at Wrong Side of the Art I immediately flashed on a classic Frank Frazetta painting.

That painting served as the cover for Vampirella #11.

Clearly the unknown artist of the movie poster was swiping the classic Frazetta image and with largely good effect, though the poster lacks the awesome mood of a typical Frazetta image.

A little research taught me that this movie, though unknown to me at the time, is something of a notorious object. It is a "video nasty", one of a clutch of movies deemed too risque or horrific for the British movie going public and so not given any seal of approval by the British movie board.

But this movie, despite some grotesque nods to exploitation apparently also has a serious core about a woman descending into madness and how that affects the people around her.

I can't say I much want to see this one, having glimpsed a few scenes on the internet, but I give it credit for knowing what artwork to steal to hype itself.

And I bet that decapitated head is a swipe from another source, but I haven't found it yet.

Rip Off


  1. I wonder if "werewolf woman" and "the witch who came from the sea" had the same distributor. The poster for "werewolf woman" rips off a splash page from a story in "Vampirella" #14. (I point this out in my "Picture Perfect Wednesday" post for this week at Shades of Gray.)

  2. I didn't realize that. Don't know about the distributor. I got to see "Werewolf Woman" a few months ago. What a weird and unusual movie.

    Rip Off

  3. Check out the cover to Ian Gillan's "Scarabus" LP. Looks like someone else ripped off Frazetta!


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