Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Savage Stances!

Red Sonja is a right knockout in this cover by Arthur Suydam for the debut issue of Dynamite's Savage Tales.

Suydam is of course doing a delightful riff on the classic Frank Frazetta pose of Conan, the classic brooding image of the Cimmerian produced for the earth-shaking Lancer editions so many decades ago.

This fuzzy comic strikes the same chord, doing a more straightforward homage to the classic Frazetta image. I don't get the whole fuzzy thing, but I do rather like this weirdo cover art.

And finally, while it's not an especially close swipe, nonetheless this European comic certainly makes no secret of the source of the central barbarian pose, though additional clinging dames have been added for no particular increase in effect.

Rip Off

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