Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Kings Quest!

Dynamite is doing it to me again. I got so frustrated with the absolutely dismaying failure to hit deadlines with the last big King Features event they tried to muster that I determined I'd never fall prey to it again. But putting the gang back together might just drag me in one more time. I really liked the team up titled Kings Watch and I have some hope this one titled Kings Quest might tap into some of that same groove.

As usual for Dynamite, they are unleashing an avalanche of covers. The one directly above seems to be by the artist who will be handling the interior art chores, and I find I rather like this rough Giffen-esque rendition, which seems better in many ways than the sum of its parts.

Whether I follow this when it launches later this year or just wait for the trade is an open question. But I have to admit that in spite of all my better angels, I find this an attractive draw.

Rip Off


  1. What is the name/identity of the woman in the Phantom garb? Is that Diana Palmer? Do they still refer to her as Girl Phantom or something else?

    1. In this iteration of the story Lothar (Mandrake's comrade) becomes the Phantom when the heir cannot be located. But a daughter is found eventually and she becomes a "Girl Phantom" of sorts fighting alongside Lothar and the others. I personally like Lothar as a stopgap Phantom.

      Rip Off


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