Saturday, April 9, 2016

Jungle Tales Of Tarzan!

It took me too long to get around to picking up this Dark Horse collection of comic book adaptations of ERB's classic Jungle Tales of Tarzan from last year. These stories of a young Tarzan, still coming to grips with the stark and bizarre realities of life in the jungle, apart from people is fascinating. It's a misnomer to call this "An All-New Graphic Novel". It might well be new and exceedingly graphic, but it's a short story collection for certain.

(Original edition with cover art by J. Allen St.John)
In this collection Martin Powell, a writer I have immense respect for, takes on the tales and for each one welcomes a new artist as partner.

Some of the names in this collection are comics legends such as Pablo Marcos.

Others are talents who bring a luster and vibe to the stories like Will Meugniot and Mark Wheatley. Many of the artists were relative unknowns to me and I won't claim that all the takes on the Ape Man suited my fancy, but the beauty of an anthology like this is that there's something for most tastes and mine were well satisfied.

Here are some covers for other valued editions of ERB's classic collection which populate my collection by the likes of Frank Frazetta, Neal Adams and Burne Hogarth.

Rip Off


  1. Rip -

    I bought this collection late last year and can't recommend it enough. I worried about the different artists' styles and how the book would look -- silly me. To be honest, if memory serves, Pablo Marcos was the only artist I'd previously known.

    Again, good read!


    1. I recommend it for the Marcos work and bought it for that and the Meugniot and Wheatley contributions. Wheatley has done Tarzan before, back in the 90's for Malibu.

      Rip Off


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