Friday, April 1, 2016

Clean Sweep!

"Cleanliness is next to Godliness" they say.

April is here and it's time to clean out the closets. Over the past several months I've had some very specific themes which resulted in some material being kicked down the road. Several pieces, reviews and whatnot, have been delayed several times now as space on any given day was soaked up by something more immediate or more germane.

But I've learned that situation only gets worse if you don't deal with it, and so this month I've dedicated myself to making sure everything resting in the recesses of the Dojo's dimmest corners gets dusted off and presented (or deleted). So look for a hodge-podge of the strange and peculiar. No big themes, only a bunch of stuff.

In the "Favorite Cover" section look for a month-long tribute to the late and great Paul Ryan, an artist who passed away last month much too young. His work was an oasis of high quality in the 1990's, a decade when awful comic artwork was far too common.

And now for some comic book covers that really suck!

No fooling around! See you later.

Rip Off

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