Saturday, July 5, 2014

THUNDER Agents - The Spider's Web!

The Spider's Web is the title of the second storyline from IDW's THUNDER Agent franchise and it's a diverting story, filled with twists and turns and loaded to its tippy top with plot developments. The artwork has shifted from Andrea DeVito to Roger Robinson and it's a marked improvement as Robinson gives these Agents the delicate and sophisticated polish they need.

The story begins with Dynamo battling dinosaurs in the heart of New York City and swiftly changes gears from there. NoMan is made director of the THUNDER Agents as Agent Kane spends her time deciphering the alien "Judgment Tower" the team discovered in the last storyline. A new agent named John Janus shows up and it's difficult to tell which side he's on at first or later. This is a storyline filled with intrigue and betrayal and like most modern THUNDER Agent stories a sense of history, so the less said the better for fear of severe spoilage. I will say, I found the twists and turns a bit overwrought by the end, blunting the story's emotional impact somewhat, but I will say this did feel like a distinctly THUNDER Agents story, and not just some typical superhero yarn.

I don't know how much longer IDW will keep putting out the Agents, but as long as they are this good, I'll keep getting them, at least in trade form.

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  1. I think Thunder Agents is absent from IDW sollicitations so they probably stopped. Sales have been down the toilet, which I ca't blame (I found the first 3 issues dreadfull, both in script and art, and so stopped buying them). Yeah, roger Robinson would be a uge improvment so I'll probably take this trade, thx for posting on it! :) )

    1. I can't say I'm surprised. The first story arc was not that impressive, though sadly the second one was much better. Hopefully IDW will continue with their reprints and complete the run.

      Rip Off


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