Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Eternals - Ikaris Falling!

Here's a clever re-imagination of the cover for the third issue of The Eternals by Jack Kirby and Frank Giacoia. This is the first cover which features Ikaris in his costumed glory and it immediately shows the Eternal hero stricken and falling from the sky, not unlike his infamous namesake from ancient Greek myth.

The cover for this issue of the French comic Strange by Jean Frisano lacks the raw power and drama of the Kirby original, but it does have some charms of its own. The effectiveness of "Kirby Krackle" is evident.

Rip Off


  1. Much enjoying your Eternals features here Rip! I have to wonder what the rest of the late-70’s Marvel editors (or maybe just whoever was in charge of the Marvel covers/art dept. at the time) – thought of Kirby’s decision to run the first two issues of Eternals – without a clearly prevalent hero in costume? Wonder if the (perceived) complexity of the series hurt sales on the first few books? (Thinking out loud here.)

    1. The editor of record on the series is Archie Goodwin, probably one of the capable and talented guys they've had in that job. I'd be inclined to think he let his talent have their way by and large, based on what I read about his tenure, or at least I have a hard time seeing him getting in Kirby's way much. Maybe later when sales of the series were soft, he might've pushed for greater MU continuity, but I'd say that was all.

      Rip Off


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