Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Marvel Cover Tales!

Marvel Tales was Marvel's most successful reprint title running nearly three hundred issues and not getting cancelled until the 90's. This cover for Marvel Tales #26 days features a vivid image by "Mirthful" Marie Severin, but that's not all.

Here is Marie's original artwork to this vintage comic, and as you can see only Spidey was to be feature originally.

It's a re-working of one of the greatest Spider-Man covers of all time by "Sturdy" Steve Ditko for The Amazing Spider-Man #33 featuring Spidey's climactic confrontation with the mysterious Master Planner.

But the final cover adds a few Jack "King" Kirby images torn from past comics. Here's the Thor figure by Kirby inked by "Cheerful" Chic Stone in its original context on Journey Into Mystery #114 showing the Thunder God facing off against the Absorbing Man.

And here's the original image of The Human Torch, again by Jack Kirby, this time inked by "Joltin'" Joe Sinnott.

Here's the panel in its original page context.

The page itself is from Fantastic Four #54, a story featuring the Torch and Wyatt Wingfoot coming across the ancient "menace" of Prester John. Alas this issue of Marvel Tales does not showcase that adventure, but features the Torch and the Thing facing off against Paste-Pot Pete from Strange Tales #124

All in all a crackerjack energetic cover by the Marvel Bullpen.

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