Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lord Of Plunder!

Here's a wonderful look at an original cover by two of my favorite late Silver Age artists for Marvel Super-Heroes #19, the exuberant Barry "Not-Yet-Windsor" Smith inked by then-new Bullpen stalwart Herb Trimpe. Trimpe seemed to ink a lot of Smith's early efforts.

The Ka-Zar story underneath this luscious if awkward cover was a rock steady bit of storytelling by George Tuska with rare Marvel Sid Greene inks, workmanlike and reliable, but sadly lacking the energy and verve of the cover despite that objects many flaws of anatomy and perspective. Here's a sample page from the Arnold Drake and Steve Parkhouse scripted story. This project seems to have a lot of young Brits and veteran former DC guys on it.

This vivid action scene will grace the cover of the upcoming Marvel Masterworks Ka-Zar Volume One due out early next year.

Rip Off

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