Saturday, August 11, 2012


The name "Jeep" is a real modern curiosity. It's of course the name of Popeye's famous pet, the jaunting phenom able to move in all manner of mysterious ways.

And it is the name of the famous all-purpose four-wheel military vehicle from World War II. The Jeep has been supplanted in the military in the modern world, but Chryler-made Jeeps still abound in more modern shapes on the civilian highways and byways. Whether the Jeeps of the military got their name from Elzie Segar's creation Eugene the Jeep is an open debate, but I prefer to think it's true. It's more fun.

There was even a comic book title "Jeep Comics", which lasted for three frolic-filled issues. Judging the books by their covers, these adventures were wild rides indeed.

Here is a small gallery of fun comic book covers from several genres, all using the Jeep.

Rip Off


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