Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Destination Moon!

Destination Moon was something of an epic 1950 sci-fi flick justly famous for its authentic feel and sense of overall reality within a concept which at the time was pure speculation and anticipation.

The movie, an ode of sorts to venture capitalism in space, was written in part by Robert Heinlein, and featured the artwork of Chesley Bonestell. Fawcett published a concise and effective adaptation of the movie in 1950 scripted by Otto Binder featuring artwork by Dick Rockwell and Sam Burlockoff. To read it check out this link, then this one, and finally this one. But then Fawcett's assets were taken over by Charlton after their demise, and this property was reprinted many times.

First in 1956 in an issue of Space Adventures under the new and far less dramatic title of "First Trip to the Moon". They use the splash page as the cover this time.

Then again a few years later in 1958 in later issue of Space Adventures, this time titled on the cover "Space Trip to the Moon". This issue sports an interesting Charles Nicholas and Vince Alascia cover.

After the collapse of Charlton Comics, Richard Broughton bought many of its assets, including those the Derby Publisher had gotten long ago from Fawcett and began his brand ACG/Avalon which reprinted the story first in 1997. The splash page is back in service as the cover art.

A few years later in 1999 it was reprinted yet again.

A whole other adaptation of the story was created in 1950 by DC Comics for the debut issue of Strange Adventures, this one featuring scripting by Gardner Fox and some tasty Curt Swan and John Fishcetti artwork. It hit the stands at almost the same time as the Fawcett version, if not a wee bit sooner. Check it out at this link.

At that same link you can also read this whole other third adaptation, a prose version for the debut issue of Captain Science. (Thanks to BrittReid, a friend of this blog, who operates Secret Sanctum of Captain Video for all the great material; it made life easy one-stop shopping when I decided to research this subject a few days ago.)

This tale has told and retold, sold and resold many times thanks to clever marketing and the glory of public domain.

Rip Off


  1. You're very welcome, good sir!
    It's always kool to be praised by one's peers.

  2. It was nice to read this story in color. I only have the first ACG reprint, so it's in glorious B&W.

    The theme of Destination Moon seems rather timely right now, given the current Randian urges currently sprouting up at the Republican Convention.

    Rip Off


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