Saturday, August 25, 2012

Aparo The Prankster!

The Prankster is a one-shot back-up hero who has a lot of charm, mostly because of the delicious artwork of Jim Aparo. It deals with a colorful hero who is a freedom fighter in the dystopic city of Ultropolis which is ruled by a ruthless dictator named Bane. To read this one-time-only adventure check out this groovy link.

The Prankster was created by Sergius O'Shaugnessy (Denny O'Neil) and Jim Aparo for what turned out to be the final issue of Charlton's Thunderbolt, issue #60. No more T-Bolt, and alas no more Prankster would ever be created for the Derby Publisher.

The Prankster though clearly seems to have been inspired by Harlan Ellison's classic short story "'Repent Harlequin!' Said the Ticktockman" which was first published in Galaxy in 1965.

It was adapted to comics in 1975 in the third issue of Marvel's Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction. Here's a link to read this story adapted by Roy Thomas and drawn in his own highly exotic style by Alex Nino.

I love Nino generally, but I find his storytelling lacking here, much too difficult to follow. I'll take Jim Aparo's more straightforward approach anytime.

Rip Off

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