Sunday, August 26, 2012

Aparo In Sinn!

In the tenth and final issue of Charlton's Secret Agent (formerly Sarge Steel), David Kaler and Jim Aparo join forces to craft the third and final installment of the adventures of "Tiffany Sinn: Sweetheart of the C.I.A.". In the story "Espionage: Miami Beach Style" Aparo's typical craftsmanship is on display and Ms.Sinn looks at once beautiful, naive, and daring as a secret agent.

To read Tiffany's final adventure see this four-color link. Tiffany Sinn had two previous adventures at Charlton, in the romance line of all places.

Career Girl Romances #38 featured her debut.

(Flashback by Jim Aparo)

She was created by Gary Friedrich who wrote the first story titled "To Save an Agent", which featured artwork by the stalwart Charlton team of Charles Nicholas and Nick Alascia.

Under a very attractive cover by Dick Giordano, Career Girl Romances #39 spotlighted Tiffany again.

(Flashback by Jim Aparo)

This time featuring artwork by Luis Dominguez titled "St.Louis Stake-Out".

Tiffany's final appearance has been reprinted a few times at least. Once in French in the magazine Flash Espionage.

And in Super Giant Album #23 published in Australia.

Jim Aparo's artwork remains sturdy regardless of the time and place.

Rip Off

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