Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Aparo A Go-Go!

Jim Aparo's craftsmanship extended to producing some quality humor comics as well. He did some black and white of The Monkees comics for Charlton's Teen Tunes.

One of his earliest full-color assignments (even before The Monkees work) was to illustrate the adventures of Miss Bikini Luv, the beaming starlet of Go-Go, a comic which celebrated youth culture especially the up and coming rock-pop artists of the time alongside some MAD-esque parody. Miss Luv had also appeared in Teen Tunes first two issues, illustrated by Aparo at about the same time.

The cover for the ninth and final issue of Go-Go above is Aparo's only one for the run, but he did several interior stories for the comic.

This is is the...ahem...splash page for one of Bikini Luv's adventures. You can find more juicy Aparo artwork and the rest of this tale from the sixth issue at this four-colored link.


Rip Off


  1. This examination of Aparo's work at Charlton reminds me of "before they were stars" stories, like when you see what shows George Clooney acted in before ER.

  2. I find a really rugged power in Aparo's early work. When he got to DC, he was accomplished that while his later work on Brave and Bold was great, it became a bit too polished. But that's not really criticism, merely an observation.

    Rip Off


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