Saturday, July 7, 2012

Kane's Agent!

I found a decent reading copy of this elusive Tower comic a few weeks ago. It finishes off my Undersea Agent series. This cover by the late great Gil Kane is the most dramatic of the run. Kane illustrates a story inside to go along with this dynamic cover. I was a wee bit too young to plug into the awesomeness which was the Tower Comics line, but I remember seeing a few issues on the spinner rack. The twenty-five cent price tag seems quaint today, but it was a stumbling block for a youngster looking to load up on quality comics entertainment. Luckily as an adult I've been able to overcome some of those childhood limitations, at least a bit.

I found this alternate cover for this Gil Kane classic here. I definitely prefer the published one, but it's always fun and enlightening to see the drafts.

Rip Off

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