Friday, June 15, 2012

Thunderbolt's Dynamite Return!

It looks like Dynamite, the folks who have yet to find a project they don't want to publish, have gotten hold of Pete Morisi's Thunderbolt from the vintage "Action Hero" line at Charlton are giving him another go at the comic book racks.

Here's an article with the details about this upcoming return. With Captain Atom and Blue Beetle still kicking in the "New 52" at DC (for now at least), the Action Heroes are doing all right.

Here's what another article said:

"Issue #1 also contains extra material – Peter Cannon’s never before published origin story by Peter Cannon creator, Pete Morisi for a total of 48 pages all for the regular price of $3.99!"

With new Morisi on the way, I will at the very least get the first issue.

Now where's that Judomaster comic?

Rip Off


  1. It's probably a good thing that Thunderbolt DIDN'T get stuck at DC along with Blue Beetle and Question.

    We'd've already attended his "funeral". :(

  2. I wasn't gonna buy this, originally, but now I know about the new Pete Morisi stuff I am in there!

  3. So ..... Dc Comics doesn't own the rights to this character? And how did that come about?

  4. Gernot - What you say is true. T-Bolt would seem a likely candidate for doom. They've killed off Captain Atom too, but he keeps coming back.

    Joe - Me too. The new Dynamite stuff leaves me a bit cold, but vintage Morisi is too good to ignore.

    Chuck - Somehow the rights to Thunderbolt reverted to Morisi, either before the character was packaged to DC or later, but DC acknowledged his rights and leased the character for the twelve issue series they did.

    Rip Off

  5. That's a really "nothing" logo they've given it. Also, this may perhaps be a minor thing but it seems an odd choice to cover up the word "Thunderbolt" in the title on the first cover.

  6. Agreeing with all of the above. I'll buy anything with Morisi in it, but based on the creative team on the rest of the book I already know the new material will be of no interest to me. They seem intent on hoarding vintage characters and turning them to the dreariest sludge.


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