Friday, June 8, 2012

Riders In The Sky!

One of the real treats my family used to enjoy was going to the Emery Theater in Cincinnati (a fantastic venue) to listen to live radio recordings of Riders in the Sky, a country and western swing musical group who also did a lot of offbeat comedy. Their half-hour radio show which featured music and a running serial adventure was a public radio staple back in our household during the early 90's, and the wife and I loaded up our girls more than a few times and took them to the tapings. They loved it I hope, because I sure did.

For my birthday my beauties have gotten tickets for the whole family to see Riders in the Sky in concert this evening. It's going to be fantastic, a real blast and something we can all enjoy. I'm really looking forward to it.

Here's a dandy sample of what the Riders do.

Rip Off


  1. Happy Birthday!

    I love Riders in the Sky! My son, at age 2, made his radio debut ina Riders a way. We were in the Emery audience and Ranger Doug sat on stage with just his guitar singing a quiet ballad. Son David joined in with loud "la-la-la's" causing the Ranger to look out into the dark audience to try to see us. He smiled. The audience giggled throughout the song. When it aired on the radio one can hear the audience giggles but not David's harmonies. :(

    Oh, and did you know that Too Slim was one of teh original proponents of the "Paul is dead" theories!!??

  2. Have fun! I wouldn't mind seeing that show too.

  3. Steve - I suspected you might be a fan. Those old Emery shows were outstanding! My girls were remembering all the fun last night at the concert which was also extremely good. These guys are so talented and such masters of their craft that it's a joy to watch them perform.

    Chuck - It was a great show! Great music and dandy comedy to boot.

    Rip Off


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