Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Powers Of Tarzan!

Richard Powers was a popular artist with an arresting and distinctive style who did the cover for scores if not hundreds of books. He was called upon by Ballantine Books to supply covers for their line of authorized paperback reprints of the Edgar Rice Burroughs creation.

His artwork is at once attractive and strange and not at all what one might expect for a blood and thunder property of this type. The abstractness of many of the images makes for an effective cover, if not necessarily the most powerful jungle scene.

Below is a gallery of the Powers covers. These are the best scans of these handsome covers that I was able to gather.

Rip Off


  1. Powers' covers have the same "feel" as Jesse Marsh's artwork on the Tarzan comic book during the same period.


  2. I did find a good scan here of one of Powers' cover illustrations. It gives a nice look at his ue.techniq

  3. These are the editions my father bought when they first came out and which I first read some years later around the time I was in the third grade (circa 1971-72). Great artwork!


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