Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Moonestone's Heap!

A friend of mine, also a teacher, gets scuds of coverless comics to share out to his students. He asked to identify one handful of such books and from the ads I knew immediately it was a Moonstone book and soon I knew it was their Heap revival from earlier this year.

I remember seeing this advertised and seeing on the stands. I don't usually go for new comics, but I sometimes make an exception for Moonstone and this Heap comic didn't look all that bad. But I didn't get it, and soon enough forgot it.

But I ended up with a few minutes at the end of my planning period yesterday and I found a copy of this coverless comic and gave it a quick reading. It wasn't too bad actually. This Heap is a Nordic deity of sorts blended with a human WWI airplane pilot. The swamp area seems to have been infused with Runic magic and later the plane crashed there. In WWII the Heap rises and confronts the Nazis who are chasing a girl. One of Odin's Ravens in human shape shows up and fills the Heap in on his background, though he himself surprised at the human qualities.

The story ends abruptly, and typical for modern comics all too quickly. But I have to confess I was interested the whole way through.

I still think I prefer the older Skywald versions of the Heap, and I have to confess to knowing next to nothing about the original Airboy version, though I do see the echoes in his origin story.

Here's a very groovy link to the Skywald version in Black and White.

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