Monday, October 10, 2011

The Mighty Crusade Never Ends!

Joe Staton

I know I've been reading comic books a long time when I can remember all of the reboots of the MLJ heroes from Archie Comics. I've actually missed one whole reboot since I abandoned new comics several years ago.

Paul Reinmann 1965

Rich Buckler 1983

Dan Jurgens & Keith Willams 1992

Ian Churchill & Norm Rapamund 2010

And now after that umpteen failed attempt, there is a new revival on the horizon for next year.

Bill Bates 2012

Here's an article with some few details.

I wish them luck, but if history is any judge, I think I know how this will turn out.


Rip Off


  1. The last attempt was done by DC. That should tell you right up why it bombed.

  2. From what I could tell from the previews that last DC effort was pretty well misbegotten.

    I rather liked the Impact line from the 90's, the few I actually read anyway, and I loved the 80's Red Circle revival.

    The 60's revival is an absolute hoot.

    Rip Off


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