Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Desert Demons!

I picked up the "new" Doc Savage novel yesterday. That's not something I much expected to say. I've been soaking up the Sanctum Publishing reprints, fulfilling a life-long desire to read all of the classic Conde Nast Doc Savage adventures. And I even have a few of the Will Murray penned novels from the 90's around here somewhere.

But somehow it never occurred to me that there would be enough interest these days in Doc to warrant new stuff. Apparently there is as The Desert Demons is only the first of seven new Doc Savage novels by "Kenneth Robeson" scheduled to see the light of day from Altus Press. Here's a link for more information about this series.

Actually "new" is a relative term, as this particular novel was developed by Murray from a Lester Dent fragment. I don't know what the situation is with the other new books forthcoming, but all seemingly derive either from outlines or notes left by Dent.

I'll have to find some time to read this one amidst all the other Doc stuff I have scheduled for this fall and winter.

That is one darn fine Joe DeVito cover on this one, that's for sure. Here's a closer look at this scrumptious artwork sans the logos.

Rip Off


  1. Nice to see a Steve Holland Doc on a cover again! :-)
    Don't care for the new logo, though.
    Something along the lines of the 70s Marvel Doc logo would be better, but hand-lettering seems to have fallen out of favor with cover designers... ;-(

  2. That pose is great, I especially love the way his free hand is extended.

    The logo is harmless enough, but it's not anything special, and that's probably a criticism right there. On this particular image, there is a hint of the logo and type being swept along by the demons, so that's a gimmick that worked for me.

    Rip Off

  3. "The logo is harmless enough, but it's not anything special, and that's probably a criticism right there."

    A logo should jump out at you after you've seen it once, grab you by the shoulders and scream "Look"!
    The Bantam Doc logo always did.
    The Superman logo still does.
    This new Doc logo doesn't.


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