Saturday, October 8, 2011

His Name Was Adam!

I just read about the passing of veteran character actor Charles Napier. The first image I have of Napier is as Adam, troubadour member of the "Space Hippies" in the Star Trek episode "The Way to Eden". This show from the third season was one I actually got to see during the show's first run, and it impressed me mightily.

Whatever Napier did after, and his broad grin and booming voice did plenty, it was that first impression that always seemed to be my primary memory.

Character actors are always to be treasured, though the stars suck up all the media attention, because it is these guys who make the tapestry of television and film truly interesting and truly memorable.

Charles Napier was all that in spades. I cannot think of any production he was in that he did not improve by his very presence, some of them quite considerably.

Here's a link to a website dedicated to Mr. Napier. I didn't know until I researched for this post that he was a fellow Kentucky boy.

Rip Off

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