Thursday, December 2, 2010


These things are great when they show up. My all-time favorite is the cutaway of the Avengers Mansion above, first shown in King-Size Avengers #1. This Don Heck two-page spread is a thing of beauty and elegance, with that modern sleek design he brought to much of his late 60's work.

Below are some more schematics of some famous and sometimes less than famous structures.

This one needs no introduction.

Here are two versions of the Baxter Building, both by Jack Kirby.

This isn't by Kirby, but he's the inspiration for sure.

I wish I had a better version of the Legion HQ.

Project Pegasus was a Bronze Age wonder, a home for many outstanding stories.

Points for those who remember Cosmo the Merry Martian.

And this isn't a building, but it's a neat schematic of a fascinating structure nonetheless.

Sadly it just occurred to me that most of these structures above are now defunct, or have been long ago replaced by hipper more modern constructions. Sigh, time passes.

Rip Off


  1. Heck's machinery was an interesting contrast to Kirby's legendary techno-illustrations.
    Kirby's stuff seemed to be more of the "under-the-hood" "let's see the actual machinery" type and Heck's were "everything's under the hood, but doesn't it look streamlined and neat" style.
    Both were equally-valid.

  2. Kirby's was the core imagery, but Heck did a neat sleek variation, and John Buscema also did his own take, something a bit more organic. All are fantastically vivid.

    Rip Off


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