Thursday, December 23, 2010

Kirby At Bay!

The two covers above by the late and certainly great Jack "King" Kirby struck me with their dramatic similarity. Two heroes, under siege and at bay against overwhelming odds. The drama is palpable.

Kid Colt is under fire from a host of gunmen it seems, his hat flying away adding a tip of movement with the city folk running for their lives in the background. Colt's determined focus among all this chaos adds the central point of character that makes this scene heroic.

Nick Fury on the other hand seems desperate surrounded by shadows of what seem to be allies, he's nonetheless backed as far as he can be, a somber craggy drop behind him. He is much more the victim here, but also the man of action. The roiling surf seems almost to visually repeat the confusion in his face and form.

Rip Off

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