Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hopefully that monkey can clang away and keep the demons of the previous year getting into the next.

I'm not necessarily going to be sad to see 2010 disappear. It's been a struggle often, especially for my wife who has had a cavalcade of medical issues this past year. She's at last on the mend and feeling well overall, and our goal for the new year is to see fewer doctors for sure. My girls' fortunes are looking up, as jobs have stabilized and financial goblins have diminished. Both my beauties are aiming for the future with little time to grind on the past. I'm personally looking forward to 2011 as a year to reassert some momentum professionally, financially and personally.

In the world at large, I hope that some sense penetrates the powers that be and that the United States can at long last come to terms with its responsibilities to its citizens as well as holding us all accountable for what is done and spent in our names. After of a year of dishonest politics hopefully we'll have a year in which reason can trump fear.

On this site expect me to be plumbing the depths of my collection more often to generate postings. I've got quite a pile of old comics and other stuff and as I trade some away fodder to attempt to reap some value, I'll doubtless uncover many things I'd forgotten I had. I hope to at long last do close readings of E-Man, Yang, Blue Beetle, Korg, and other vintage Charlton gems. It should be fun to do, and I hope at least a bit of fun to read.

I hope you and yours have a happy and a safe New Year's Eve.

Rip Off


  1. Have a great New Year, Rip! I hope things are happier and healthier for you and yours in 2011.

    ( And I'm looking forward to E-Man and Yang! )

  2. Thanks my man. I appreciate the kind words.

    Rip Off


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