Friday, December 10, 2010

Hang Ten!

Above is a trio of images showing the genesis and development of an iconic Silver Surfer comic book cover by Big John Buscema. As it happens I jumped into comics just about the same time the Surfer showed up in his own book. I got the first fab issue but missed this one and the next with Mephisto, getting back on board with the fourth one featuring Thor and Asgard. I never missed another, but it would take me years to round up the missing comics.

The Badoon though I knew from their appearance a few months later as part of the fabric of the future Guardians of the Galaxy reality. Pitching them in two comics at pretty much the same time was pretty clever on Marvel's part, at a time when such gimmicks were becoming more common but still were relatively unusual.

And while I'm talking Silver Surfer, here's another Kirby creation who I think I've unmasked. It turns out it's another politician.

Good old Jerry Brown has just the right attitude and now the ride dome for the role. Hang ten Jerry!

Rip Off

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  1. Actually, Jerry Brown's Silver Surfer would see reality like THIS... "AT Last, I am FREE!"


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