Saturday, March 27, 2010

Art Of The Overlooked - The Avengers!

The cover above for The Avengers #74 is one outstanding bit of artwork. This one never seems to ever make any lists of great covers, but I've always regarded it as a masterpiece. Tom Palmer's inks are still somewhat light at this early stage of his career and he had not yet full developed the heavier stroke he's famous for today. Adding that more subtle texture to this monstrously dynamic John Buscema layout makes for a cover that's almost three-dimensional.

The Black Panther's punch sends a sprawling Yellowjacket from the roof.

Meanwhile the Vision races to his aid. The Wasp seems much more intent on attacking the Panther.

With anguish on his face Goliath reaches up to try and catch who he can. The guy on the phone is almost the center of the image and the woman watching from the next building is easy to detect. Lots of bodies doing lots of different things and it's all focused very effectively. The lines of the buildings also add to the three-dimensional effect.

And one final detail is the color, specifically the use of color. The yellow is stationed on the cover at just the right places to make the image pop forward.

The only thing about the cover that might undercut its drama is the word balloons which almost communicate a comedic effect in the abrupt turn the lines take.

Wonderful cover nonetheless, one that needs to get more attention.

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