Sunday, July 1, 2018

Getting The Yang Of It!

July is another opportunity for me to represent some vintage posts about some of my all-time favorite comics -- specifically Yang and House of Yang from Charlton Comics. There was a delightful explosion of martial arts movies and magazines and comics in the early 70's, and surprisingly in the comic book arena Charlton led the way with Yang drawn by Warren Sattler and written by Charlton's all-purpose man Joe Gill.

This month I want to revisit this classic series and the era in general with close looks at two other Kung Fu comics -- Master of Kung Fu and Iron Fist from Marvel.

And while all that is going on I'd love to revisit the classic TV show Kung Fu starring David Carradine, the show which in many ways was both a result of and a spark for the wave of Kung Fu wonderfulness which sprouted during the time. 

And the folks at Twomorrows must've learned what I was up to here at the Dojo and they have published a special volume of Back Issue that looks at many of the same characters and books. Amazing! (Actually a total fluke which I learned of after I'd set up this month's offerings.)

All that and whatever else I can think of will dominate the merry month of July with a special message coming on the fourth. Look for it. 

This month the Dojo really lives up to its name. 

Rip Off


  1. Oh-hoh-hoh-hoah--YES! I look forward to these posts. Iron Fist and MOKF are two of my very favorites. While I have the originals, reading them in the new(ish for IF) Epic Collections recently was a blast! (Or should I have said "kick"?)

    1. Just got the Iron Fist Epic collection myself. Couldn't pass up the great looking John Byrne artwork from that early period. It sits well next to my MOKF volume.

      Rip Off


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