Saturday, July 28, 2018

Coming Of A Dragon!

Richard Dragon, Kung Fu Fighter is always a series I thought deserved a collection. It's got some above average artwork, especially the early issues and the story though deep in its own genre is well connected to the larger DC universe. (The Bronze Tiger becomes a core member of the Suicide Squad in later years for instance.)

The debut issue was scripted by Jim Dennis, the author of the novel from which the character is developed. "Jim Dennis" though is one-half Denny O'Neil who takes over the helm in his real name with the help of a number of artists like Dick Giordano, Alan Weiss, and even Jack Kirby before Ric Estada steps in to take command. There are a lot of these I've never read, and I'd love to do so. Get me a collection DC, please. Here are the covers of the run.

Rip Off

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