Tuesday, May 29, 2018

A Goodman Is Fun To Read!

After leaving MAD, the collapse of the abbreviated Trump, and the cancellation of Humbug, Harvey Kurtzman had one more go at a humor magazine, this time called appropriately enough Help! from Warren Publishing.  (for more on Help! check this link out) In the pages of Help he and Will Elder launched the ongoing adventures of a character who had been introduced in The Jungle Book, one Goodman Beaver. Goodman was a naive everyman who wanders the Earth for the sake of finding a world which is more corrupt than he imagines it to be but who himself is never marked by that corruption. 

The adventures of Goodman have been collected twice, once in the early 60's and later by Kitchen Sink. Both times the Archie parody had to be altered or  pulled  from the collection because of impending lawsuits by the editors over Riverdale. It's a shame as to any clever eye a lampoon only serves to ultimately promote a product. Here is the story in more detail.

Goodman Beaver gave way though in time to another Kurtzman-Elder creation, the bouncy Little Annie Fanny who became a staple (pun intended) of Playboy for a few decades. She was Goodman Beaver with boobs, a naif who is captured in a dirty world and falls into the clutches of those who would do all sorts of things to her if they could.

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