Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The Hawk And The Dove!

The Hawk and The Dove a collection I've been hankering for as long as I've been collecting trades of vintage comics. This comic was the absolute exquisite product of a singular moment in American history when the nation was torn about wars abroad and the youth culture of the time was demanding accountability and a new way forward. The schism in the society of the day was between those who had long trusted their government to prosecute necessary wars in the defense of the nation and those who felt that the government had violated the trust of the average citizen by pursuing a war by means of deception. The argument waged between the brothers Hall, who are the titular heroes Hawk and Dove was an argument raging in many if not most households across the nation in the day.

Steve Ditko had left behind his co-creation of Spider-Man and found at DC under editor Dick Giordano, at  least momentarily, a haven where he could produce the kinds of politically sensitive stories he craved to present. His Beware The Creeper showcased his long-standing complaint against personal cowardice in the news media and here we see his take on the war debate. He didn't last long on the book, producing only the first three issues (one the Showcase debut issue). Gil Kane with writer Steve Skeates picked up the reins and later Kane himself wrote the stories. This collection even gives us the team's guest-starring appearance in the Teen Titans by Neal Adams and Nick Cardy.

This one is highly recommended and sits on the very tip top of my reading stack.

Rip Off


  1. Nice…I missed all these beauty 12 centers back in the day. Would like to get my hands on this collection as well. Also, curious how this duo would have functioned and interacted with the Teen Titans. Wonder how the characterizations and DC’s 60’s era team dynamic would have been explored (or not explored.)…

    1. DC had a lot of incredibly interesting comics series which ran briefly but are intriguing to this fanboy from the era. I was young and besotted by Marvel, and wish I'd explored more.

      Rip Off


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