Saturday, April 21, 2018

Superman And The Mole Men!

If you forced me to pick a single Superman feature as my all-time favorite, Superman and the Mole Men would get the nod. I love this delightful introduction to the George Reeves Superman which functions very effectively as a fable of mankind's fear of the unknown.

The Mole Men are small people who rise up out of a oil well hole which has sunk too far down. They emerge and are deemed hostile as humans get injured around them through a combination of fear and the innate radiation which emanates from the creatures themselves. They explore the small town in which they emerge and are met with fear by adults and ease with a small girl who warmly welcomes them into her bedroom.

This scene of the Mole Men lurking around the window scared the bejeezus out of me when  was a youngster. It seems a pretty naive scene today, but back then I was most affected by it. I love to revisit that tiny terror memory when I watch this one over and over. Phyllis Coates is effective as Lois Lane, though she is a particularly bitchy version of the character. No other regulars from the eventual Superman series appear.

This is a very good entertainment and gets my highest recommendation.

Rip Off


  1. Isn't this the one with a dodgy animated flying sequence where Superman rescues one of the Mole Men? I've got them all on DVD, but it's years since I watched them. I think your association of this movie with your childhood makes you more kindly disposed to it than it warrants, but I'd be exactly the same.

    1. Oh I have no doubt my sentimental attachment makes it shine more brightly. Still and all, it's still pretty entertaining. The flying in this as I recollect was done in an interesting POV fashion, a technique not used in the series.

      Rip Off

  2. Thanks. I just found this on some odd ball Roku channel but failed to watch it; now I will.


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