Thursday, March 1, 2018

March Movie Madness!

March has long been associated with "Madness", but that's of a sports nature. My madness has nothing to do with dribbling (at least not that kind) and has much more to do with my yen to see most every movie ever made that has a whisper of adventure or mystery or monstrosity in it. And over the last long many winter days and nights I've watched a kaboodle of them. Many I have already reviewed but many more await. In March look for a cavalacade of movie reviews and cinematic reflections.

First will be a long look at James Bond, in particular those earliest Bonds (the best ones) with Sean Connery. I rank the classic Bonds and that will begin tomorrow with my all-time favorite Bond movie. Afterwards I turn my sights on spy movies not starring a guy named Bond and that's a lot of those. Also on hand look for some two-fisted crime-fighting as Dick Tracy has been taking up a good deal of my time lately. Tarzan of the Apes might well make an appearance or three before it's all done.

So all month look for movies and cartoons as the madness well and truly sets in. There are far worse ways to be mad.

Rip Off


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    1. Prepare to be disappointed I fear. But thanks for the encouragement.

      Rip Off


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