Sunday, March 11, 2018

Bond Lite - In Like Flint!

When James Coburn had a hit on his hands with Our Man Flint, it was very likely a sequel would be made and indeed it was with the highly memorable title of In Like Flint. This movie unlike its predecessor is an out and out spoof of the spy movies of the era, more broad in its comedy and unfortunately not as successful in keeping much in the way of suspense. It does however tread very close to the themes which had been only obliquely dealt with in the first movie and that forwardness doesn't help this movie which simultaneously wants to send a message of empowerment to women but seems to undermine any such message as well.

The Derek Flint of this movie is more of the classic Bond-style womanizer and less the champion of the many girls in his life. He's just as protective, but somehow his relationship with them seems a bit more utilitarian. To begin, he has a whole new harem, just three now since by his own admission he's trying to cut down, but his first quartet of lovelies have gone on to get married. It's suggested they are happy, but marriage is implied as the proper course.

That's important since the main story has a cadre of powerful women who have arranged world events in such a a way as to lead to a matriarchy across the globe. Their scheme is vague, but it is soundly rejected by Flint, who cannot really find a strong argument against it. All of that comes to naught when the men who have been assisting the scheme turn and try to take control. The women become Flint's allies and the story really degenerates into a proper mess.

The movie lacks the scale of the first one, though it seems it has as much money or even a bit more. The textures of the wardrobe are neatly handled, but the lack of a high-drama setting like the volcano from the first movie is sorely lacking. A health and beauty spa filled with bikini-clad chicks is fine, but there's little time spent selling a location which a super-spy saga needs.

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  1. Oddly enough, i just watched these for the first time in decades. They hold up on the fun factor but, as you noted, the first film was rather unique in its deft handling of the parody/action balance. The second fell into more direct parody territory and drifted from the vision of the first.
    But both left a shine on James Coburn for our group, adding to his Cool factor significantly.
    With all the reboots and retreads in Hollywood these days, this would probably be a better choice than much of what is in the works. (Mind you, i'm so sick of remakes that i can't even work up enthusiasm for the new Logan's Run and haven't bothered to watch the new Blade Runner, so i'm not actively encouraging this idea.)

  2. Lee J. Cobb in drag...


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